Portfolio Piece #4

compositions, lyrics, and drumming by Aaron

Clak is a Brooklyn based band that is all about the intersection of songs and improvisation. Clak is also an onomatopoeia. Think high heels, tapping fingernails, the satisfying sound an idol of victory makes when you present said object to a detractor with a confident ‘clak’ on the desk in front of them. etc. 

“Dirty Realism is the fiction of a new generation of American authors. They write about the belly-side of contemporary life – a deserted husband, an unwed mother, a car thief, a pickpocket, a drug addict – but they write about it with a disturbing detachment, at times verging on comedy. Understated, ironic, sometimes savage, but insistently compassionate, these stories constitute a new voice in fiction.” – Bill Buford 

Dirty Realism is the first record by Clak. It takes its name from the tone and inspiration of the literary movement, as well as from the direct and unedited approach to the album’s making. Dirty realism is also the feeling of the world in which this record was made. The real is not something to be taken at face value, it is something worth describing. Call it what it is so that you may name it and know it, and maybe by doing that you can change it.